Liams Newborn Session

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Liam’s Newborn Session in my Save Mill Studio. Liam was such a dream during his session and we were able to capture so many adorable images for his family. His sweet parents brought his big sister along for the session and she was such a big help keeping an eye on him between set ups and during down time while we all chatted.

Here are a few of our favorite images from Liam’s Newborn Session:

295 -Gregory Bloard

Isn’t he just the cutest?!?! I am so excited they were gifted our Nest to Sky Baby Plan so I have the honor of watching this little guy grow!

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Holidays Are Fast Approaching!

I know what you are going to say: “It is not even September, why are you talking about the Holidays already?!” Well, for several reasons really!

First, Hope Lynn Photography has added some beautiful new gift products including photo necklaces, lockets and charm bracelets to our line. Many of our new gift items are custom made and that generally means they take a few weeks to come in. I want to be sure I allowed enough time for you to choose your gifts AND get them in time for the Holidays. The sooner we get those orders in, the better!

Next, I knew I was going to try something new this year and offer both Outdoor Fall Family Sessions and Indoor Jammie Sessions for the kids. These two sessions are completely different from each other and will take place months a part from each other. I know not everyone would have the option to do both so I announced them at the same time. My hope is by doing this, families can choose what style they really love more for their annual Holiday cards and gifts.

Last is time. While we still have a few months before the Holidays are actually here, those months WILL go by fast. School is beginning and lives are about to get busier. School, work, sports and other activities take up our days and we sometimes “forget” to schedule in things that we want or need to get done. I am hoping by announcing them a little early and allowing so many options as far as styles, dates and times I am making it easier for families to work their end of year Portrait Sessions into their schedules.

“So, what are these sessions you are offering?” You ask great questions! haha! Here are the announcements for both the Fall and Holiday Jammie Sessions.

Fall minisHoliday Limited Edition Sessions (1)

I have made scheduling fairly easy this year. Click here to go to the Limited Edition Sessions page on my website. From there you can choose your preferred session style, session date and time. At checkout, you can choose to either pay just your Non-Refundable Retainer OR you can pay for your session in full. I will send a session contract over and once that is signed you are officially booked. These sessions will fill up pretty quickly so head on over and make sure you get the best date and time slot for your family!

If you have any questions about or Limited Edition Sessions, feel free to give us a call (410) 929-4673 or send us a message. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

Conner’s Newborn Photo Session

I was so incredibly honored to be chosen capture Conner’s newborn images. This little man and his amazing family drove over 2 hours to my Savage Mill Studio to have his Newborn Session with Hope Lynn Photography! The long car ride gave him plenty of time to sleep so he was ready to go when he got to the studio BUT with lots of snuggles, plenty of snacks and a sneaky assistant and photographer we were able to get some of the cutest images of him!

Here are some of our favorites from Conner’s session:


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Zoe’s Newborn Session

Oh sweet little Zoe. She was such a perfect sleeper for 95% of her Newborn Session with us! I could move her, change her, wrap her and it just did not phase her one bit! She was truly a little gem. Big sister and Mom hung out playing blocks and watching cartoons while Zoe had her portion of the session and then we did some of them together. Since Zo was born the day before Easter we incorporated some bunnies into the session for her. Here are a few of our favorites from her session:


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Adorable Anna’s Newborn Session

This little cherub was having a tough time the day of her Newborn Session. Her poor little belly was not happy and there was nothing we could do to make it better for her. We took our time and settling her and she was able to power through and help us get some adorable photos for her sweet parents! You would never know by looking at the bottom two images how upset her poor little belly really was. She looks so comfy and peaceful!

The top family image though…just cracks me up every single time I look at it. I had not finished posing Mom and Dad the way I wanted them when she stuck that little tongue out at me! I yelled “DON’T MOVE!” to Mom and Dad and just started snapping. Out of every image I captured of her, this is by far my favorite (and Moms too!). She has a spunky little personality and it just shows in this one!


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Adorable Laura’s Newborn Session

I had been looking forward to Laura’s Newborn session with us ever since her gorgeous Mama’s Maternity Session! Not only was I excited to meet and snuggle her but I also had an inkling her family would bring me some amazing props to use from Mama’s family back home. When her family arrived at our Savage Maryland Studio, it was just as I thought. They had so many beautiful items with them that I really had no idea where to start. PLUS there was a bonus surprise – Grandma was still visiting from Mexico! Our time together was filled with “ooohs” and “ahhs” over each and every pose as well as lots of little chats while Laura took snack breaks. I loved hearing Grandmas stories from back home. We had such a good time I was sad to see them leave to head home! Here are a few of our favorites from Laura’s Newborn session:


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Charity’s Savage, MD studio Maternity session

I have known Charity for a couple of years now and I was ecstatic when she became pregnant with her second little one! While planning her Maternity Session with HLP she expressed that she definitely wanted her daughter to be in some of the images with her. Of course I immediately said yes! I love incorporating the soon to be big brothers and sisters in maternity sessions. It is such a great way to show them they are special and to professionally capture the bond between the two of you before little one arrives. We had so much fun and big sis was doing such a fantastic job with helping pose her Mama. Here are a few of our favorites from their session:


Isn’t she just the cutest thing?! And Mama is absolutely beautiful!

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Paula’s beautiful Maternity session

Paula and I met during one of Savage Mills Girls Night Out events. She was very early in her pregnancy but was very excited about having a Maternity session! Several months later we had the opportunity to have her session and it was such a blast! She had her makeup done by Faces by Brandi right at the Mill prior to her session and we incorporated some handmade items from her home country into her images. Paula was a natural in front of the camera and everything looks absolutely stunning! Here are a few of our favorites:


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Behind the scenes at HLP!

A lot has been happening at Hope Lynn Photography lately and in the midst of it all, I realized I have let my blogging fall to the back burner. While I need to catch up on blogging sessions, I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what we have been up to!

First the studio. As many of you know, for the last year I was sharing the studio space with another photographer. Her family is now moving across the country (big sad tears!) and now HLP has fully taken over the space! It is such an exciting opportunity and truly a dream come true. Having my own studio is something I have wanted since I was in my teens and just beginning my photography journey.

Now having a studio comes with its own challenges. Yes there are the usual responsibilities like bills and such but my biggest challenge is organization and decor! I have moved everything in there around a couple times already and so far not one set up has felt like “the one”. If any of my followers and clients wants to offer up some suggestions on this, please send me a message. I need all the help I can get!

The next exciting change is our product line. We have been ordering new samples and sharing those with some of our clients and asking their opinions on what they would prefer. We really want to offer our clients products they will love for many years to come. With our amazing clients help we have made some decisions and are now in the process of ordering more samples. Once everything comes in, our plan is to photograph everything and add them to our Welcome Guide that we send to each of our clients!

Speaking of our Welcome Guide – it has also been getting a big makeover! I am working on slimming it down and creating session specific guides instead of one large one. When I took some time to go over it with a client myself, I realized it was a LOT of info that most clients did not need just yet. We also have a lot of new images we will be using in the guides as well that will showcase our more recent work.

Last but not least we attended an incredible conference in Orange County, California. The Belly, Baby and Beyond Conference was hosted by one of our industries most amazing photographers (Ana Brandt) as well as her Husband. While it was only a three-day conference, it was packed solid with lessons from sun up to nearly sun down! We had the opportunity to learn new posing, lighting and Photoshop techniques. We spent time getting advice on how to best calm our most unsettled babes, practicing our wrapping techniques and learned about hot to best pose our little clients safely. It was such an incredible (and FUN) experience and I cannot wait to put some of the newly learned skills into place.

As you can see, although we have been a bit quieter than usual both on our blog and social media, we have been hard at work behind the scenes! We are of course still open and doing sessions in the middle of all this as well! My goal is to catch up on blogging those sessions over the course of the next week or two AND I will be introducing a guest blogger soon as well!

Keep an eye out here as well as on our Facebook page for more updates as we get all the loose ends all tied up!

Lovely little Hazel

Hazel came to visit Hope Lynn Photography a couple weeks ago for her Newborn Session. When her Mama brought her into the studio my assistant and I just melted! She was oh so teeny!  We went through our outfits we set out for her custom session and realized everything was just too big for her. Luckily I had recently had an order of Preemie sized outfits come in so we went through those and found one that was just too sweet to pass up. Hazel must have thought so too because she gave us the biggest smile I have caught during a session to date!

We had so much fun with this little princess during her session. She kept us laughing throughout with her adorable personality. Miss Hazel had apparently decided she did NOT want to hold any of my cute stuffies and anytime we tried to sneak them under her arm, in her hand or at one point even just lay it near her – she would yell at us. Once we removed it she would snuggle back to sleep! It really was too funny!

Here are a few of my favorites from her session. Take a look at that big smile!

Please show Hazel and her family some love! If this blog post receives 10 comments, her Mama will receive a complimentary 5 x 7!

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