The “I Am Beautiful” Project


I am excited to announce that Hope Lynn Photography is ready to start accepting nominations for the “I Am Beautiful” Project!!! I spent this past week building enough of my website so that we can get the ball rolling in the Maryland chapter! The site still has some work to be done, but it was very important for me to get the IABP portion up and ready as soon as possible.

Nominations from all over the state will be accepted and we will choose one Ambassador per month to be featured here on the blog, on our business Facebook page (IABP chapter page to come) and I will also create a spot on my business page as well!

Follow this link to learn more details about the “I Am Beautiful” Project and to submit your nominees!!i-am-beautiful-project/c16ux

I am SO very excited to be a part of a new project!!!

I am partnering up with the “I am Beautiful Project”. The project was started by Tiffany Moon in South Carolina and is a movement of photographers trying to give back to our communities. We hope to educate youth and have an impact on bullying. We want victims to realize that they are strong, courageous and beautiful, both inside and out.

This project speaks straight to my heart. I grew up being bullied for many years. Schoolmates, from about 2nd grade through high school, as well as some adults made fun of my hair, clothing and glasses. Some kids would run up behind me and knock me down for no reason other than being on the same street as them. I will not even share some of the ugly names tossed around.

As a (ex) foster parent, I have seen how kids whom already have significant struggles within their life, become an even bigger target for bullying. Some turn to unhealthy habits to try to cope with all of the hurt and anger, which of course, can make the bullying worse OR they then become the bully. Thus perpetuating the cycle.

Because of my past, I understand how beat down and worthless a child can feel while being bullied. More importantly I understand how difficult it can be to overcome the negative effects of bullying. It is heart wrenching to see others go through the same thing I did. NOBODY deserves that. This movement allows me to use my passion for photography to help those who may feel (or even wish they were) invisible to instead feel beautiful and proud of who they are. I am so excited to get the ball rolling.

Please visit their main page here:

Keep an eye on the blog or my Facebook page for information coming soon on how to help spread the word locally and to Nominate a child to be an Ambassador for our area!!!! The Ambassadors will receive a FREE photoshoot, 5 to 10 FREE images and have their interview posted on the page. (Identifying info can be obscured if the parties wish – please see the above page for awesome examples!)


I realized today while I was working on my website and marketing materials that not just most…but ALL of my newborn clients thus far have been boys! Super adorable, huggable boys…but boys none the less. I have SO many cute tiebacks, head bands, rompers and such for girls and have yet to be able to get some photos of them in use. This makes me a very sad panda! So…

I am having a casting call! I am looking for 3 to 4 Newborn GIRLS (7 to 12 days old) to model some of my girly gear! For your time, I am going to gift you the session fee, 5 to 7 digital images of my choice AND a FB timeline cover. All you have to do is set up an appointment with me, follow the prep guide I will email you and then bring your cute, squishy newborn to me and sit back and relax while I photograph the weeeee one! In order to qualify your princess must meet the age requirement and you MUST sign a release for me to use the photos in my portfolio and advertising. That is it!

You can see samples of my work at http://www.facebook.come/hopelynnphotography

If you have any questions or would like to set up a session, please email me at I cannot wait to hear from you!

Casting Call