Adorable Abby!

I snagged SO many snuggles from little Abby during her Newborn portrait session! She was 4 weeks old when she visited but oh so tiny and I loved every cuddle I could get! She had a few tummy issues and really only liked to be in a few particular positions but we went with the flow and still was able to capture several great portraits of her! The funny part was she was so uncomfortable (unless her Mama or I held her…UNTIL we posed her in the belly cast. She was calm, cool and even shot me a super fast grin (of course while I was still adjusting her but still!). Here are a few from her session:


Baby Olivia

Little Olivia came to visit me a couple weeks ago for her Newborn portrait session. This little one was far too interested in what her amazing Mama, her friend and I were talking about to fall asleep for us. As usual I enjoyed lots of extra cuddles while we talked and waited patiently for her to grow bored with all of our Mommy talk. Eventually she zonked out and I was able to capture the sweetest portraits! Here are just a few for you:


I would also like to take a moment to thank Olivias Daddy for his service and her Mama for being such a proud supporter of him. I personally appreciate all your family (and your friend and her husband as well) do for our country.