SRMA Belt Promotion weekend

This weekend was one incredibly busy but awesome weekend! This will not be your typical Newborn Photography post BUT it is about my other love! Sports photography. Specifically Tae Kwon Do! If you know my family personally, then you know my son attends Tae Kwon Do lessons at a Do-Jang in Annapolis. Yes….Annapolis. That is a 40 mile round trip trek for us and we do it at least twice per week. It was pointed out to us that we pass several other places we could go on that trip…and that is true. However, with the exception of maybe one place, I do not think we would get allll that we get from South River Martial Arts.

Very briefly (because I really really could go on about SRMA all. day. long.), when we were first told about SRMA and Master Seo we hesitated because of the drive. I mean two lessons a week is 80 miles. Then if we want to do extra curriculars on another day…that is another 40…an overnight is another 80. It adds up. Add into that the fact that we do OT above Baltimore and now he is in school half day….it was an insane idea. But we decided to go for the 2 week trial. On day one of that trial I signed him up officially. There was this amazing atmosphere there. Here was this one guy (Master Seo) with a dozen 3 and 4 year olds (including my little guy) and he had a handle on each and every one of them. The shy ones, he brought out of their shell. The unfocused kiddos, he had a way to get them to look him dead in the eyes. The challenging personalities came around to conform to the rules. Some were easier than others but he never lost his cool, praised all of them highly and even had them giggling from time to time. It was like he sprinkled magic dust on them and they all skipped off into the Do-Jang ready to do whatever was asked. Ok maybe not quite that easy but you get it. And my son….man did he take to him. It was evident right away that this was the place to be. I spoke with other parents over the next few sessions and it just solidified my decision. It has been 2 years the end of this month since we first joined the SRMA family and I am beyond grateful for everything everyone has done for us. Like I said I could go on all day (and maybe I will post again about them)…but lets talk about the weekend…

So Friday my little guy was promoted a half step into Orange Belt (forgive me I do not know the exact terminology of his belt). This was huge for him as he was able to remember and perform 8 of the 16 steps of the Orange Belt form. With his focus issues…this was INCREDIBLE! There were SO many other promotions that night and I had the opportunity to photograph the entire test and Belt Ceremony. It was SO much fun!

Saturday Morning I hurried back to the Do-Jang to photograph the Bodan promotion and Team Eagle. Seeing so many kiddos be so close to earning their Black Belts was incredible! One little girl is not much older than my son. They had to remember several complicated forms from the past and they all did a fantastic job! And then there was my littles. Team Eagle. My son not only practices with his actual Belt class but he practices with Team Eagle as well. It gives him extra time to work on his focus, time to practice his form and also, since he is the highest rank, it teaches him to be responsible for his actions because the other kids “look up to him”. I told ya I liked this place!! We have been there since all of Team Eagle started so I was very excited to be there to take all of their photos and get to watch them receive their new belts. They were all SO adorable!

Sunday I did go back for the Hapkido promotion but I want to blog about that separately. Be on the lookout for that one! Also I do not want to blog photos of everyones kiddos without the parents permission so I will share a few of my little guy below.


 Isn’t he just the cutest thing ever??!!!! I mean I get that I am biased but LOOK AT HIM! 🙂  Congratulations to all the recent graduates from Hope Lynn Photography!!!