The Taylors

Let me start by saying that I DO NOT DO WEDDINGS. You have ONE shot to get photographs of one of the MOST important days in a couples lives and it really really makes me SO nervous. I always tell people to call my friend Rob of Rob Korb Photography because I would lose my mind if anything ever happened to someones wedding photos. HOWEVER…this couple is more than just a client. I have known Ais since she was a teen, her and her new Hubby are the only ones I trust to watch my house and pets and one of two that I trust to watch my only son. They are family. And when they needed someone to “Just get a few pictures” I checked, double checked and triple checked that they would be ok with them NOT being perfect in every way as weddings just were not my thing. They insisted they were ok with it, they just wanted something simple and they wanted to help me with my portfolio. One of the many reasons on the list of a million I love them. I had a blast with the family as I always do and I am so glad I was able to capture a few special moments for them. Here are few…the rest I will leave for them to share on their own. And remember – CALL ROB KORB for wedding pictures!