Lincoln sure is growing fast!

Linc came in just before the Holidays for his first Christmas photo session. He brought his big brother and twin sisters with him for the photo shoot as well. If you have been following Hope Lynn Photography for a while, then you know that sweet Linc is a Rainbow Baby and we try to incorporate sister bears Paige and Peyton into sessions every now and then as well!

Here are a few of my favorites from their Holiday session!


Adorable Colton!

Coltons sweet parents brought him to see me right before the Holidays for his Newborn Session. This little turkey was not due till after Christmas but he REALLY wanted to break out and celebrate! He slept through nearly the entire session only waking for a snack or two but even then he fell right back to sleep with a bit of snuggling. His family joined our From Nest to Sky Baby Plan and I am super excited to watch him grow over the next two years! Thank you again for bringing Colton to visit us at Hope Lynn Photography!

Here are a few images from his Newborn Session. Look how cute this little guy is!


Winnies Cake Smash

Last week Hope Lynn Photography had the pleasure of photographing a Cake Smash Session and the best part – it took place on her actual birthday!

Winnie came in to see us and it did not take more than 15 seconds for her to get comfortable with us and to pretty much take over our studio. She was going from place to place, picking up anything she could find and deciding it was hers to keep. Her mom says she is a little hoarder and I have to say – I agree! She also likes to hide things which I find hysterical. Even if that means I have NOT seen my lens cap since her visit! Winnie – shoot me a text when you remember where you hid it would ya?!

Here are a few images from our session that day! Winnie’s sweet mama made her  adorable tutu and banner from scratch so I was excited to incorporate those in a few images. And take a look at that cake! It was perfect for a Monster themed birthday!


Winnie’s Dad is currently deployed and as soon as I found out I went and ordered a super adorable custom made dress for her session. I couldn’t help but do something special for Dad since he was away missing his baby girls First Birthday. Thank you so much for your service. I know your munchkin is missing you and I cannot wait to get word that you are home safe and sound.


Franny’s Maternity Session

Several months ago, when Franny first found out she was pregnant she informed that I would be doing her Maternity session for her. Yep…Informed. I let it slide since she IS my Sister In Law and she IS carrying my niece.  To say I was excited to be trusted to do this for them is an understatement. I adore her and her family and well, I guess my brother is pretty cool too BUT I had not done a Maternity session yet. PLUS they are family, and I always want to go above and beyond for family sessions. Thankfully, even though my nerves got the better of me, I managed to capture that amazing glow on Franny as well as the love and happiness my brother and sister in law share.

Franny & Josh, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these special moments for you guys. Scarlett is going to be one incredibly lucky little girl to have the two of you for parents, Mason as a big brother and all of us extended family around her. I love you both!!!

Here are some of my favorites from their session:


Aubreys milestone session!

I had such a BLAST during Aubreys milestone session! She made the cutest faces throughout and kept me giggling the entire time. Her big sister was a big help during Aubreys session. She made us lunch (in the play kitchen of course) and played “peek a boo” once or twice as well. I even managed to snag a super sweet shot of the two sisters together.

Here are just a couple from her fantastic session. Look at that red hair! Love her!


Little Lilianas Milestone session!

What can I say about this adorable little munchkin??! I mean just look at how stinking cute she is! She had visited a couple of weeks before this session and was just way to pooped to play model for me. This time however…she completely ROCKED her session! I believe this was my fastest milestone session yet because she was so super cooperative!

It was SO hard to choose which ones to share here because she has so many cute shots! Here are just a few:


Liams Milestone session

I just LOVE having this little man in the studio! His Mama was one of my very first clients and I have had the pleasure of watching him grow up this past 9 months. This was his first session since he has become mobile and boy did he make us work! He wanted to explore and join his big brother and my son playing Legos in another room. We managed to keep him still long enough to get these super sweet photos and even squeezed one in with his big brother B.


New Logo Celebration Event

To celebrate my new logo Hope Lynn Photography is running a special!!!!BigSavingsMarketingCard

Call or email between July 6th and July 10th and schedule an appointment and you will receive $75 dollars off any session fee listed here!

Terms and Conditions:

** A maximum of 3 of each type of session is being set aside for this special so please act fast!

**Only ONE session type may be booked per household.

**Session is for two children maximum as my studio space is small.

**Appointment MUST be scheduled during specified dates and can be made for any future date prior to  Nov 1, 2015.

** You MUST be willing to sign a session contract and a model release contract.

New Logo!

With business slowly picking up and my official launch coming up soon, I really wanted to have a new logo made. I liked the old one. But something about it just did not sit well with me. I could not put my finger on exactly WHAT that was but I knew it needed a change. I had the perfect person in mind to help me with the project – Liza Schklar of Liza Schklar Designs.

Liza created our amazing wedding logo for my husband and I absolutely loved it! I knew this would be a bit more difficult for her (because of my indecisiveness) but Liza did a fantastic job of helping me figure out what I wanted and where I wanted to go with my business. When I wanted to just do what everyone else was doing, she had a “sit down” with me and told me to figure out who I was, not to try to be like everybody else. She told me to take my time and think about it and let her know what my thoughts were. I am so thankful she took the time to talk to me because it was just what I needed. and honestly by the end of that conversation I had two things I knew I wanted. Owls, and my wedding colors.

Incredibly her next set of samples contained several ideas that I loved. I was having a bit of trouble picking but one REALLY stood out the most. I stared at it for what seemed like forever, to make SURE it was “the one” and I just couldn’t really think of anything at all I would want to change. Liza did an amazing job working me through my struggles with the design and came up with this:

cropped-hopelynn_logo_4color_960px.pngIsn’t it fantastic??!!!  I Seriously cannot wait to plaster that logo on ALL THE THINGS!!! I have plans for some polos for myself for out in the field and even some client products! I am just so in love with this Logo. Liza went above and beyond in creating this logo for me and I honestly would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Let me plug her again: that was Liza Schklar of Liza Schklar Designs. If you need design work done – GO SEE HER!

Adorable Abby!

I snagged SO many snuggles from little Abby during her Newborn portrait session! She was 4 weeks old when she visited but oh so tiny and I loved every cuddle I could get! She had a few tummy issues and really only liked to be in a few particular positions but we went with the flow and still was able to capture several great portraits of her! The funny part was she was so uncomfortable (unless her Mama or I held her…UNTIL we posed her in the belly cast. She was calm, cool and even shot me a super fast grin (of course while I was still adjusting her but still!). Here are a few from her session: