Winnies Cake Smash

Last week Hope Lynn Photography had the pleasure of photographing a Cake Smash Session and the best part – it took place on her actual birthday!

Winnie came in to see us and it did not take more than 15 seconds for her to get comfortable with us and to pretty much take over our studio. She was going from place to place, picking up anything she could find and deciding it was hers to keep. Her mom says she is a little hoarder and I have to say – I agree! She also likes to hide things which I find hysterical. Even if that means I have NOT seen my lens cap since her visit! Winnie – shoot me a text when you remember where you hid it would ya?!

Here are a few images from our session that day! Winnie’s sweet mama made her  adorable tutu and banner from scratch so I was excited to incorporate those in a few images. And take a look at that cake! It was perfect for a Monster themed birthday!


Winnie’s Dad is currently deployed and as soon as I found out I went and ordered a super adorable custom made dress for her session. I couldn’t help but do something special for Dad since he was away missing his baby girls First Birthday. Thank you so much for your service. I know your munchkin is missing you and I cannot wait to get word that you are home safe and sound.